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COPD resources

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has been around for quite some time. The evolution of research on this disease covers over 200 years.

Anno 2021, COPD is a steadily growing global healthcare problem. Early identification and prevention are important factors when it comes to managing this disease. Other factors that play an important role in managing and living with COPD are quitting smoking and effective treatment, two factors that are not as easy as they seem.

With the number of COPD cases on the rise, the number of broncho-active drugs available is also growing. However, a cure for COPD is not yet within reach. Researchers continue to work on more effective treatment and eventually curing COPD.

There are many resources for people with COPD and their families. has resources in the form of a handbook. The handbook covers several topics including treatments, signs and symptoms, building your COPD team, an action plan and more. also has valuable information on research and informational videos from doctors on COPD.

Another great resource is the B.C. Lung Association. It provides information on programs and initiatives such as the B.C. Annual State of Air Report, Cannabis and Lung Health, and an Essential Information Pack Initiative, which is a pilot program sending over 1,000 care packs to lung patients who are vulnerable to severe respiratory infection, including COVID-19. There is also information on vaping as well as wildfire smoke.

Kelowna has its very own respiratory club called the Better Breathers Clubs of B.C. They offer support groups for people with chronic lung diseases such as asthma, COPD and more. The club also offers education and a social support group, which you can access by visiting their website.

Health Link B.C. can help you find services in your area, whether you need home treatment advice at 2 a.m., or are looking for health information in a language other than English, they can help. HealthLink BC offers a range of services and resources on their website, over the phone, and in print.

Are you coping with COPD and are looking for alternative treatment options or want to contribute to local research? The Medical Arts Health Research Group is currently conducting COPD studies in Penticton and Kelowna. Contact us at or click here for more information about this study.