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Press release: New addiction issue emerging in Penticton

PENTICTON – Many employers need to think about new ways to better support their staff’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. COVID-19 has changed everything, including when it comes to employee well-being. How do employers encourage their employees to stay physically and mentally healthy while working from home?

“Do I work out? Yes, I sure do! Yesterday I went for a run on the Great Wall in China, and the day before I did Zumba on top of the Eiffel tower”, says Laurie, a nurse for the Medical Arts Health Research Group. This might sound surreal, and it may have been a few years ago, but not with the new addictive trend that is emerging in Penticton!

“Creating a positive work environment has dropped on many employers’ priority list. The accepted criteria for “Great Place to Work” have made a full 180. Employees are now saying that the best place to work is from the comfort of their own home. One of the components of “old fashioned” corporate wellness programs, has been providing staff with a gym membership. What to do during and post-Covid?

The Medical Arts Health Research Group wants to raise the bar when it comes to employee wellness. They are now prototyping virtual reality fitness classes and team building activities for their Penticton team. Complete with music, coaches, team leaderboards and challenges. And best of all, staff can use it at their favorite new workplace – their own home!

Virtual Reality has taken on a more and more prominent role in our society. It is now being used to train physicians, help children with injections, and recent research data supports further exploration and research for its efficacy in treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD., a portal which offers an overview of current research, indicates that there are 3000 virtual reality studies being conducted.

The Medical Arts Health Research Group Challenges other health professional offices to take part in this addictive home-office activity. If you want any further information on the Employee Wellness VR prototype study in development in Penticton, contact Eva, Community Relations at Medical Arts Health Research Group at

The Medical Arts Health Research Group has been conducting clinical research studies since 2002 in order to bring the best of new treatment options to people in BC.  Their work focuses on areas including Dementia, Cardiology, Diabetes and Hypertension.