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Psilocybin Research

Psilocybin Research & Clinical Studies

The Medical Arts Health Research Group is committed to improving health and bringing new treatment opportunities to the patients of British Columbia.

Recent studies have shown that psychedelic treatment with psilocybin relieves major depressive symptoms and can also be effective in patients with Major Depressive Disorder, Treatment Resistant Depression, PTSD, substance abuse, and smoking cessation.

We are currently studying the efficacy of Psilocybin treatment for patients with Depression at our sites in West Vancouver, Penticton and Kamloops. Are you interested in this study?


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Read our CEO Donna Benson’s interview with North Shore News here:
Health Profession Opening Their Minds to Psychedelics

And with the Penticton Herald:
Magic of Mushrooms: New Local Study Exploring Psilocybin Therapy for Major Depression