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Health Profession Opening Their Minds to Psychedelics

Magic mushrooms are still illegal, but researchers say they are showing great promise in treating mental illness.

As the Vancouver Police Department and North Vancouver RCMP both carried out raids on retail stores or warehouses full of psilocybin – or magic mushrooms – in recent weeks, Donna Benson was watching with interest.

The North Vancouver clinical and psychosocial researcher has been taking note of the growing body of evidence showing conclusive therapeutic effects of psilocybin in treating people with mental illnesses like PTSD and major depressive disorder.

“On the one hand, there is very sophisticated literature coming out. And then on the other hand, we’ve got the police raiding places,” she said.

Benson, whose firm Medical Arts Health Research Group does work in Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, bipolar disorder and depression, said they are hoping to see medicinal psilocybin research expand and are looking for partners including doctors, psychologists or potential patients.

Some may find it hard to disentangle the legitimate use of the drug with the illicit, but Benson said she encourages people to keep an open mind, especially as the medical community comes around.

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